Tarsus have been making and selling different types of treatment tables for the healthcare industry since 1989. The company is a part of Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning (founded in 1948) which has been a leading supplier of medicinal furniture since the 70's.

Viaduct has created a webshop for Tarsus, specifically adapted for cellphones, developing both the technology and the online design. This solution is based on our platform, Readyonet.

Urban Johansson at Tarsus gives his own views on the project:

We ordered a new website from Viaduct with integrated webshop. Really, we wanted both companies to share a site, Tarsus and Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning.

When we were picking a partner, Viaduct kind of just slipped in at the end, and already at our first meeting with Andreas Arnström everything felt right. He really knew what he was talking about.

I only have positive things to say about Viaduct. They have been fantastic! Quick, helpful and generous and have not only done what we asked for, but also been creative and added their own thoughts. They held their part of the timetable and the fact that we aren't quite there yet, is due to us being a bit slow.

Right now we are in the middle of the process and one of the companies are done and have been published. We are very satisfied and will be even more satisfied when the rest is done. We have gotten all the functions that we ordered and the site looks exactly like we wanted it to.

Viaduct have been really good!

Urban Johansson - Tarsus / Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning