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Web production

Web page, site, website, web solution... We have many names for the things we love! Today, the website is the most important marketing channel for many organizations. If you have no website, you do not exist.

Content Management System - CMS

The vast majority of websites today are not statically built, but instead based on a publishing tool, a content management system (CMS). People want to have control over their website. With the help of Viaduct's publishing tools, the website is updated easily and cost-effectively directly via the web browser. You do not need any software installed on your computer other than a web browser.

Expandable base frame

Our websites are always built according to a basic framework, where we develop a web design and adapt the content according to your graphic profile and your wishes. It is then easy to expand your website gradually with additional components based on the needs that the business requires. Examples of additions to the website can be webshop, intranet, calendar, image management, or news functions.

Search engine friendly

Our web solutions also have good support for being able to do search engine optimization (SEO) on your keywords.

Apps and Mobile Custom Design

We can build native mobile apps for iPhone and Android. We can also customize your web pages to a mobile friendly format. Today, a large part of all the surfing takes place via the phone and having a website mobile-adapted has become a necessity.
A popular alternative to a separate mobile friendly website is a responsive website. Thus, it automatically adapts to different screen widths. With responsive design, you do not need a separate mobile site.

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