DFØ (Norweigan State)

DFØ, The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management) is a government agency within the Norwegian government that was established on January 1st, 2004. The agency’s task is to support state financial management and improve resource utilization within this area. DFØ delivers financial services to a majority of government operations in Norway.

Viaduct has been doing business with DFØ since 2008. Viaduct has delivered effective solutions for Onboarding (connecting of suppliers to use electroic communication for invoicing) in addition to a solution to secure the quality of incoming invoices. This solution identifies both errors in content and purely technical errors, in addition to informing the sender about these errors with instructions and requests on how DFØ would like coming invoices to be designed.
When possible, the solution corrects errors of content automatically – in accordance with a ruleset created by DFØ – and thereby reduces the amount of invoices that get stuck in the financial systems, requiring manual handling.

During the Summer of 2020, the parties signed a new contract for the coming years

Long history of working with DFØ

The cooperation between DFØ and Viaduct began when the Norwegian government decided to start using electronic invoices towards their issuers. Since a huge amount of parties were to be contacted with the same information and similar information returned, DFØ chose Viaduct's tool, Edionet Implementation to do the work.

When the Norwegian government and the private operators in Norway decided to implement PEPPOL technology with access points for communication and the format Bis/EHF, the setup of incoming invoices accelerated and DFØ's need for services changed. With the administrative contact-tool Edionet Implementation as backbone, the tool was supplemented with controls of incoming invoices. Technical errors and content errors can then be reported to both issuers and recipients with information about specific errors and how these should be addressed.

Connected to these functions you then have reports, sorted by DFØ-unit or group, and also by issuer. Statistics on both the overall level and in detail can easily be accessed.

The file format that DFØ accepts for incoming invoices is the PEPPOL-format Bis/EHF and also EHFZ02, which is a Norwegian complement.

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