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Why do large companies offer
web EDI?

As a supplier, the chances are quite high that you will someday receive a request from a large customer that orders should be placed in a web portal where you sign in to see what the order contains. In the web portal, you send back an order response, announce when the goods are sent and send the invoice.


Viaduct's new brochure

Read our new business brochure . The folder is browsable directly here on the web but can also be downloaded as a PDF.


We feel quite comfortable with concepts like EDI, EDIFACT, ODETTE, PEPPOL, webshop, B2B, e-invoice and eBusiness!
We are experts in electronic business communication and since the beginning of the 90's we have been working with customers like Volvo CE, Scania, Bombardier, GE Healthcare and many of their suppliers. We have a solution for you regardless if you are a large or small company who wants to implement EDI or build a webshop.

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Viaducts' CEO wins honorable award

During the regional finals of the Svealand EY - Entrepreneur of The Year Sweden 2020 our CEO Ann Nyström received an award for "Årets kvinnliga stjärnskott" (Female shooting star of the year) with the motivation:

"The award goes to an entrepreneur who, with a great deal of humility, combined with clear and well-communicated leadership, loves to solve problems in close collaboration with her customers. Customers who are often significantly larger than her own business. But with the distinct competitive instinct that this year's female shooting star is driven by, no one should be surprised if her business both grows to catch up and pass its customers."

We at Viaduct AB are extremely proud of the award!

Ready for PEPPOL?

Viaduct has solutions for the public sector and the suppliers that do business with these organizations. We are a certified PEPPOL access point provider and can handle the legal requirements for e-invoices which applies from 1 April 2019.

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Peppol - certified access point provider

Viaduct is a certified access point provider for the European concept Peppol, managed by the non-profit organization Peppol, where Viaduct is an active member.