Calix is an automotive industry supplier of primarily engine heat, cabin heat and associated wiring.

They were in need of a new EDI-platform and a partner to streamline their processes for handling electronic business flows with their customers. The company chose Viaduct and Edionet™ Supplier and today uses the solution fully integrated with their business system (Monitor) towards more than 100 customers!

Today, Calix uses EDI towards all of its customers, has improved the operational monitoring, and can avoid unexpected costs to implement new partners in the system as this is regulated in the agreements with Viaduct.

More than that, Viaduct has delivered both technology and design for their current web solution, customized for smartphones. Including such features as language support, displaying vehicle information from Calix' internal databases, and support for selecting the right engine-heater for your brand of car.


Johan Qwarfordt at Calix tells his story about working with Viaduct:

We work with the automotive industry and have contacts all over the world. So Viaduct's EDI-system towards our customers is very important to us.

Communications are good and we get quick answers. When problems happen we help each other to solve them. I do not have to bother with the technology of the system itself, Viaduct handles that towards the customers.

Johan Qwarfordt - Calix