Since the 90's we have in many ways helped our customers to improve and simplify the work with their customers and suppliers.
Based on our experience we have developed tools and processes to give our customers an opportunity to achieve optimal results when implementing and working with electronic communication.

Our primary strength is that we can easily combine our own tools, systems and processes with professional system development, activity development and project management.

Our solutions are mostly internet based and a part of the company has since 1997 been working like a traditional web agency with hundreds of projects in the portfolio.

Partners / Networks
News archive

Members of the board

Ann Nyström - Ordinary member, CEO
Ronny Larsson - Ordinary member, Chairman of the board
Lars Erik Eriksson - Ordinary member, Outside director
Eva Sandberg - Ordinary member, Outside director

Audit Bureau
Kristina Halvdansson - Auditor
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