Scania demands electronic business communication from their suppliers, preferably throughout the whole workflow. For the suppliers who don't have an own EDI-solution, Edionet™ Supplier is suggested as the appropriate tool.

The collaboration is global for all Scania units and connected suppliers.

The solution used by the suppliers includes functions for delivery schedules, dispatch advices, invoicing and printing of transport labels. The suppliers use Edionet™ on daily basis in their work with the deliveries.


Tomas Berg at Scania tells his story about working with Viaduct:

Viaduct is our supplier of web-EDI since 5-6 years. Our latest purchase is EDI-implementation to communicat with our suppliers in Europe. We have about a hundred of suppliers and via EDI we can keep up with in which phase we are with them.

The cooperation with Viaduct is great and we have a very good dialogue with them. They have been active in our process of implementation. They are quick to give attention to our requests, making changes in the system, and answering support questions.

Everything works just fine!

Tomas Berg - Scania