GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare develops configurable medical instruments used for, among other things, protein separation. Viaduct has previously led and worked in several restructuring projects at GE Healthcare to set up procurement and inventory strategies for purchase and production as well as ordering-models for products and components.

In the current cooperation (autumn 2016) Viaduct acts as a sounding board for GE in issues pertaining to EDI. For this reason we work with a large part of GE's EDI-enabled suppliers. Viaduct are not part of the rollout of the new EDI-environment that GE handles on their own, but are the experts on the suppliers' side.

When GE Healthcare decided to start with electronic communication with their suppliers, it was very important to effectively carry out this project with the existing staff. For this they chose Edionet™ Implementation and Edionet™ Information Site.