Electronic documents without errors

Correction of electronic documents

Dealing with business documents containing inaccuracies that have entered the organization electronically can be a time-consuming process with a lot of manual work. But there are solutions – Viaduct's validation tools do the work for you. How many electronic documents do you handle manually before they can be read into your business systems?
How long does it take to deal with incorrect data - including informing the party who sent the incorrect information? Somewhere between 15 to 30 minutes per document is the answer we usually get. Multiply that by the number of manually handled documents and the current hourly cost of doing the job, and time can quickly add up and costs can become high.

With our automation solution VIP, administration is made more efficient. It gives you better control over information flows and improves the relationship with business partners. VIP handles technical errors for both incoming and outgoing traffic, automatic correction of content errors, offers unique rules for various internal and external parties and functionality to automatically inform the sender if errors are found in sent documents. This leads to an improved process for electronic business communication and reduced future disruptions.

About VIP

VIP is the service that provides tools and working methods to ensure quality and refine messages and information in electronic communication, as well as inform trading parties about deviations and how these can be avoided in the future.

  • By validating and in some cases correcting information in electronic messages, the conditions are created to reduce the manual handling of error cases as well as a basis for the subsequent dialogue with trading partners.
  • Creates basis for analysis and improvement of working methods and processes through statistical collection and evaluation of collected information.
  • Handles various types of electronic** messages and formats in both inbound and outbound directions.
  • Can be integrated and exchange information with involved VAN / APs* as well as the licensee's ERP system for follow-up and tracking.
  • Is independent of supplier for VAN / AP* and can be implemented where two parties exchange information electronically.

Viaduct offers solutions and processes to companies and businesses for automation and digitization that suit most business flows.

* VAN = junction for processing and receiving, sending electronic documents. AP = Access Point, connection point for receiving and sending electronic documents, primarily according to the Peppol concept.
** The service can also handle scanned documents that are entered in a structured format.

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