Collaborations initiated by the European Commission

The European Commission supports several different activities to increase the digitization of its member states. Within our focus area, electronic communications, there are opportunities to seek support for, among other things, implementing e-Identification, communication (AS4), and message formatting.
We at Viaduct are one of 10 companies that collaborate in a EU co-financed project under the leadership of the Spanish LMT Group, and in collaboration with the University of Valencia. The companies are from Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, and Italy.

The project, called POOL-TSPs, is known as the 2017 CEF Telecom Call - eInvoicing (CEF-TC-2017-3), aimed at helping participating companies to implement European Standard (EN) in existing electronic invoicing solutions. This means that our solutions will handle both invoices on the Peppol BIS Billing 3.0 and Cross Industry Invoice formats as well as sending them via the AS4 protocol.

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In addition to the POOL TSP project, we have started work on implementing AS4 and setting up an SMP in a separate project.


For several years now, Viaduct AB is a member of OpenPeppol, a non-profit organization that works for simpler electronic communications between the public sector and companies in different countries.
OpenPeppol was initially a project launched by the EU, that today is working on developing standards for message formats and communications that can be used for easier and faster start-ups. OpenPeppol cooperates with the European Commission and follows, among other things, the Commission's Directive on Electronic Billing and AS4 Communications.

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