Communicate with your customers!

EDI for suppliers

We solve the electronic business communication between you and your customers.
More and more customer companies, authorities and local governments demands electronic communication from their suppliers.

For the customers, this is now almost mandatory when setting up the order and invoice administration in a rational way. With better routines and organisation, both you and your customer can benefit in the long run.

For ordinary people, it is almost impossible to learn all terms within this concept because of all standards and techniques. Therefore Viaduct offers to take full responsibility for this. You do not have to think about those terms. Instead you focus on your business and continue to use common words like order, delivery schedule, dispatch advice and invoice.

From Viaduct you get this solution for a flat and low fee. With Edionet™ Supplier you get a quick start to electronic communication with your customers, regardless of who they are and what demands they have. The only thing you need is a computer with internet connection and a printer!

A few easy steps

1. You contact Viaduct and inform us that you are interested in an EDI connection. We send you some questions and an offer based on our price model from our general agreements.

2. You decide to start an EDI project with Viaduct

3. Viaduct implements the EDI-project with the following activites:
  • Adds your company to our database in Edionet™
  • Contacts all your partners and implements all technical connections with current message flows
  • If requested, we contact the supervisor of your ERP-system (business system) and integrate this system with Edionet.
  • Perform tests with your customers and ERP-system. Sometimes together with you.

4. When all basic tests are done, Viaduct contacts you and you get a login to the EDI-system. We let you go through an education usually over phone or web.

5. When all parts are ready, the system starts.

6. Viaduct then continuously monitor the system and make sure everything works. We are also available for support on phone and e-mail.

We help you to succeed!

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