Rekarne Finansutveckling AB

Viaduct AB and the largest local bank in Eskilstuna, Sparbanken Rekarne, have been working together for several years, lately regarding the development of administrative solutions for the finance sector.

This cooperation has resulted in a new joint sales-company; Rekarne Finansutveckling, owned by both parts.

CEO for Rekarne Finansutveckling is Torbjörn Larsson (Sparbanken Rekarne). Together with him the board also consists of Chairperson of the Board: Anders Skepplund (Sparbanken Rekarne), Kalle Sandberg (Sparbanken Rekarne), Pernilla Nystedt (Sparbanken Rekarne), Tom Hansen (Viaduct), Pontus Lindén (Viaduct) and Ann Nyström (Viaduct).