Connect a large amout of suppliers!

Implementation of suppliers

The amount of information have become unmanageable, the spread-sheets too many and the e-mail conversation spread out over too many people, making the workflow heavy and ineffective. Do you recognize this?
To be able to continue implementing new suppliers you need to find tools for storing base data, technical information and e-mails. It is also important that the tool support a workflow for all contacts with all parts. Then you would probably appreciate the web based tool Edionet™ Implementation from Viaduct.

Viaduct have over 15 years experience of implementation relations between customers and suppliers. We have great tools supporting this work and we know that the work situation is improved only after a couple of months using these tools.

Our tool Edionet™ Implementation helps you to:
  • Have all the information about suppliers stored in one place and be accessible to all parties within the project. As long as you have an internet connection available.
  • Have all e-mails stored in the same place
  • Send out standard e-mails, documentation and question forms to all involved parties
  • Follow the implementation process for your suppliers and monitor where in the process they are located
  • Make it possible for the suppliers to verify and complete their own information
  • Present statistics and reports from the implementation project

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