What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is the abbreviation for Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line and is a solution for electronic purchases made at European level to make e-commerce and e-procurement easier.
The PEPPOL concept offers
  • Common standards for different messages in the purchase process such as price list, order and invoice.
  • Common technical protocols for electronic communications
  • Common registers that makes it easy to find business partners that are affiliated with PEPPOL
  • Common rules for the interaction between business partners and their respective operators
  • An organization at European level with regional anchoring to develop, manage and support PEPPOL

At present, PEPPOL is strongly rooted in the Nordic countries, especially in Norway, but also other European countries are in favor of this concept.
The driving power is primarily from the public sector, which via EU directives requires the concept to be introduced in each member country.

PEPPOL facilitates the introduction of electronic communication between parties both within the respective member countries and between parties in different countries.
PEPPOL simplifies business relations between parties in different countries.

Since September 1, 2012, PEPPOL is managed by the non-profit organization OpenPEPPOL.
We at Viaduct are active members of OpenPEPPOL and provide access point services as well as we are specialists in connection and formats for this concept.
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