Din kompletta partner för elektroniska affärer
Your complete partner in e-Business
Svart bälte i elektroniska affärer, EDI, EDIFACT, ODETTE, e-Faktura, e-Business.

Viaduct - black belt in eBusiness

We feel quite comfortable with concepts like EDI, EDIFACT, ODETTE, e-invoice and eBusiness. We are experts in electronic business communication and since the beginning of the 90's we have been working with customers like Volvo CE, Scania, Bombardier, GE Healthcare and many of their suppliers. We have a solution for you regardless if you are a large or small company who wants to implement EDI.

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EDI-avdelning på distans

Your outsourced EDI department

With Viaduct as your EDI-partner you move the responsibility to us regarding hosting and technology.
Viaduct webbyrå bygger er hemsida

Website or webshop?

Let our web agency take care of your website or webshop. Over the years we have built hundreds of web solutions for companies and organizations.
Ett EDI-system mot flera kunder

A single system for all customers

Do you today administer your EDI customer communication in many different systems? We have a single system solution ready for you!
Hur kan vi hjälpa er med EDI?

How can we help you?

  • Do your customers demand EDI communication from you?
  • Do you work in many different EDI-systems?
  • Do you have an existing EDI-solution but wants to outsource your hosting?
  • Do you want to connect a large amount of suppliers at the same time?

eBusiness solutions

EDI for suppliers

Effective solutions to meet your customer's needs.

EDI for buying organizations

Get a quick start to EDI, together with your suppliers

Supplier connection

Our solution for effective EDI connection with your suppliers


User-friendly solutions to grow with


Implementation of electronic business between customers and suppliers.